The Top sellers report will display a list of a selected number of staff members to determine the highest selling sales clerks within a specified date range. This report includes customers served, products sold, Gross Sales, GST, Discounts, Net Sales, COGs, GP$ and GP%.

1. From the Minfos Launch Pad, click Reporting.

2. Click Staff from the menu.

3. Click 4. Top Sellers.

4. The Top Selling Staff Report window is displayed.

A. Leave the From and To as the default to generate a report displaying all staff members. An individual or specific range of staff members can be reported on.

B. Enter in the Starting Date and Ending Date for the period required.

C. Click to highlight one or more of the Content options required to be reported on.

D. Select one of the following Sort Key options to be reported on: Quantity, Customers, Sales, Discounts, Net Sales, C.O.G.S, Gross Profit, Gross Profit GP%.

E. Top Number should reflect the quantity of staff members required to be listed in this report.

5. Click Okay to generate the report.

The Top Sales Staff Report is displayed