Video Demonstration

Step By Step Instructions

The Stock Out report displays products which are flagged as stocked in your database and currently have a zero or negative stock on hand quantity. 

The stock out report should be run regularly; this allows the following information to be assessed:

  • Ensure products with no stock on hand and are not required to be reordered are flagged as not stocked.
  • Stocked products that are required to be ordered. 
  • Assist in more accurate generated orders. 
  • The duration taken to sell products.

This report can be run in two ways:

  1. From Stock Manager.
  2. Using Neurallion Output.

Stock Manager – Stock out Report

1. From the Minfos Launch Pad, click Stock Manager.

2. Click Reports, 4. Stock Reports and select 3. Stock Out Report.


A. Use Sorted By to run your report using a particular category, e.g. Department, Class, Location etc.

B. Select the From and To Range for the category which is being run, or leave at the default to obtain information for all products.

C. Checking Treat Negatives as Zeros check box will include any products which have a current negative stock on hand quantity in the report.

D. Checking Include Products on Order will include any products currently on order in Order Maintenance. Products that are on order and appear on the report will have ORD beside them. 

E. Click Okay to run the report.

3. The Stock Out Report is displayed. 

A. Product Name is displayed below the category of which the report was run.

B. Shows the Last Sold Qty of the product.

C. Shows the Last Sold date of the product.

D. Shows the Last Order date of the product.

Neurallion Output – Stock Out Report

The information on the Neurallion Output Stock Out Report is fixed information until the overnight process is run, each night a new report will be generated. This information will not take into consideration any adjustments which have been made during the day, such as editing stock on hand quantities or completing invoices.

Neurallion Output will show the negative stock on hand quantities as zeros but will not show products on order with a zero stock on hand. The Neurallion Output stock out report will be sorted by category Department.

1. From the Minfos Launch Pad, click Stock Manager.

2. Click the File menu and select 2. Neurallion Output.

3. Highlight Stock out Report and review the Date Last Run entry.

4. Click View to display the report.

5. Click Print to print the report.

6. Select Cancel to exit Neurallion Output.