The Annual Purchases Report displays the total quantity, purchase $ and average cost for a selected product or range of products purchased in a specified date range.

1. From the Minfos Launch Pad click the Reporting icon.

2. Click the Product menu and select 6. Annual Purchasing Report.

3. The Annual Purchases Report window is displayed.

A. Leave the From Product and To Product as the default to generate a report displaying all products in the database purchased.An individual or specific range of products can be selected to be reported on.

B.  Enter in the Starting Date and Ending Date for the period required.

C.  All Purchases is the only Content option available.

D.  Click one or more of the options in the Format selection box depending on the information required to be displayed in the report. 

E.   Ensure that the Stocked Only checkbox is de-selected, this will display all products that have been purchased within the specified date range and marked as stocked.

Click Okay to generate the report.

The Annual Product Purchases Report is displayed.