Generating a category purchasing report displays the quantity, average cost and total amount of products that have been purchased over a specified date range. This report allows assessment on specific categories and purchasing amounts.

I.E.U is used as an example category throughout this document. The same reports can be run for Department, Company, Brand, I.E.U, Class & Location.

To generate the report:

1. From the Minfos Launch Pad, click the Reporting icon.

2. Click I.E.U from the menu.

3. Click 5. I.E.U Purchasing Report.

The Category Purchasing Report for other category types (eg Brand) is located in the drop down menu under each category. See Location example below.

4. The I.E.U Purchasing Report window is displayed.

a. In the From Code and To Code enter the selected I.E.U required to be reported on.
Alternatively Leave the From and To Code as the default to generate a report for all I.E.Us

b. Enter the Starting Date and Ending Date for the period required.

c. Select one of the following content options: Summary, Product and Full.

5. Click Okay, to generate the report.

The Purchases by I.E.U report is displayed. 

The content displayed in the report is dependent on the content option that is selected in step 4. An example of each type is below.

Content: Summary