The Inbox lists events that result from a head office update.

Some of these events are information only, e.g. a new product has been added, but some will require user action, e.g. a duplicate barcode has occurred. Check with your Head Office to discuss what actions, if any you are required to take.

Events can be filtered and also searched for by using keywords such as product name, MNPN etc.

  • Events are listed after an update has been applied.
  • Events can be marked as Actioned within the list by ticking the checkbox and clicking the Apply button. The event list can be exported to Excel by clicking the Export button.
  • The Inbox may take few minutes to load for the first time of the day.
  • The text within the columns can be copied to the clipboard.

 The Inbox contains events that may require user action.

  • Each row is single event for any product.
  • There can be multiple events for a product.

By default, events are sorted by Prd. No. (Product number) and then by Event Time, in ascending order.

Refer to Using the Inbox.