1. From Multi-store, click the Assign Pricing Tiers icon.

The Tier Pricing: Pharmacy Categories window displays.

2. Enter the pharmacy business code of the store you want to apply tiered pricing to.

3. If the business code is entered incorrectly or partially, pressing [Tab] will open the Member Pharmacy Search window. Select the required pharmacy from the list and click OK.


4. Select a product sub-category, e.g. Revlon and click the Set Pricing Tier button to open the Set Pricing Tiers window.

5. Highlight the pricing, Tier 1, 2 or 3 to apply for this sub-category (Revlon) at the selected pharmacy. Set this tier by clicking the Set Pricing Tier button.

6. Pricing tiers can be applied to sub-categories in bulk by selecting a sub-category and holding down [Shift], and selecting another category and then clicking the Set Pricing Tier button.

7. In the case of multiple sub-category selection, the Set Pricing Tiers window shows the number of selected sub-categories to be assigned.

8. Click the OK button to save the changes and exit.

Ensure you save any changes before switching to another pharmacy.