Refer to Introduction to Multi-store Tier Pricing and Edit Pricing Tiers Overview before proceeding with Edit Pricing Tiers. Refer to Subscribe stores to Tier Pricing, a time can be set to apply these prices to your slave stores, if no time is set they will flow down to your slave stores in real time.

Assign a category to Tiered pricing and adjust prices

The Category Assigned to Tiered Pricing checkbox at the top of the Edit Pricing Tiers window will assign all products in that Category to use Tiered pricing. 

Tiered Pricing uses the Retail Price from the stock card for the Tier 1 Price, Tiered Pricing refers to this price as the Base Price. This allows the Head Office to maintain the Retail Price using all existing tools, e.g. Price Manager, and have it update the Tier 1 price at subscribed stores.

1. Select the Category Assigned to Tiered Pricing checkbox to assign the category to tiered pricing.The Base RP is copied to all tiers current retail price fields.

2. The New RP field for each tier can now be changed as required, double click in the Tier 2 New RP or Tier 3 New RP fields for any product and enter a new tier price. An arrow-shaped icon indicates the change in price from the current tier RP as increased (pointing up) or decreased (pointing down). 

3. Select Apply New Prices (either Selected Only or All) to apply the new retail price. If Apply New Prices (All) is used, all products in the category with a value in any of tier New RP fields will be updated. Refer to Apply new prices using Multi-store Tier Pricing for more information.

Note If the T1 New RP field is adjusted, the Base RP will update once the price has been applied.

a. Selecting the Category Assigned to Tiered Pricing checkbox also enables the Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 price fields in the stock card.

  • Head Office operators can then interact with the tiers directly from the Stockcard. 
  • Price changes in the stockcard will be sent to slave stores in real time, even if you have set an Apply At time in the Publications window, refer to Subscribe stores to Tier Pricing.
  • Tiered Pricing uses the Retail Price for the Tier 1 Price. Changes to the Retail Price in the stock card will update the Tier 1 Price to match.

Remove a category from Tiered Pricing  

1 . De-select the Category Assigned to Tiered Pricing checkbox to remove tiered pricing from the products in the category and manage by a single retail price. The price for each product will revert back to the Base RP.
2. Re-select the Category Assigned to Tiered Pricing checkbox to re-apply the last saved Tiered price (if tiered pricing had previously been applied to that product).

Reset All Tiered prices to the Base RP

1. Click the Reset All button to reset the T2 and T3 prices back to the Base RP.All prices in the Category are reset to the Base RP.