In the following example, the tiered pricing category type has been configured as Class. The sub-category is the individual product classes.

1. From the Minfos Launch Pad, click the Multi-Store icon, and then click the Edit Pricing Tiers icon.

2. Enter the Sub-category Code or Name of the tier pricing.

Multi-Store head office can nominate one of their stores unit cost to use when reviewing pricesIn the Pharmacy Unit Cost group box, nominate the pharmacy whose unit cost will be used. The last pharmacy used is displayed. The Use Pharmacy Unit Cost (Ex. GST) checkbox is selected by default.

Press [Tab].

The sub-category search window is displayed.

4. Select a class, e.g. acne and click the Okay button or press [Enter].

The chosen sub-category populates the Edit Pricing Tiers window.

5. Click the Review Tier Pricing button. The Edit Pricing Tiers window will be displayed. This window displays all of the products aligned to the Acne class with a current Retail Price as per the stock card.

The following table lists each of the buttons on the page and the actions of the button.




Category Assigned to Tiered Pricing

Selecting this checkbox will assign all products in that Category to use Tiered pricing.

[Alt +C]


Opens a search window to search for a specific product within the selected sub-category.

[Alt +F]

Apply New Prices (Selected Only)

This button saves changes to Tier New RP for a selected product (s).

[Alt +A]

Apply New Prices (All)

This button saves the price changes made to all products that have modified Tier New RP.


Reset All

Remove all products from tier pricing. Toggling between assign and clear retains the last saved tier RP.

[Alt +R]


Returns control to the Sub-category selection screen without saving changes.