For a selected category type, head office can set up to 3 tiers of pricing for products assigned to that category. Once tiered pricing is applied, head office can then assign the tier required, for the selected category, for each slave store.
For example:

  • Store A is assigned Tier 2 pricing for Location ‘Baby Formula’.
  • Store B is assigned Tier 3 pricing for Location ‘Baby Formula’.

Tiered pricing will lock down the Retail Price field in the product stock card at the slave store, providing the head office with greater control over the Retail Price.

Prices changes made via the tiered pricing function from a Multi-Store Head Office are captured in the slave store Price Changes Report.

Tiered pricing can be applied for a single category type, e.g. Brand.
Once you have configured your products and pricing to your selected category type contact Minfos support to enable Tier Pricing.


1. The head office is required to prepare the category type and maintain products within those categories they wish to use for tiered pricing.  This includes:

  • Ensuring products have been aligned to the correct category.
  • Retail prices have been reviewed.
  • Cost prices have been maintained and updated to ensure correct Gross profit is reflected.

2. The Tier Pricing option must be selected in Subscription Update Settings. Refer back to Head Office Publications Window overview.