Subscribing a slave store to the head office publication enables the slave store to receive product information and update their database in real time.

You must force subscribe each of your slave stores to the Product publication. This publication contains product information and the subscription settings for each slave store.

To subscribe a slave store to head office publications:

1. Open Update Manager.

2. Select the Publications tab to open the Publications window.

3. Enter the subscriber (store) name or publication type in the search box, then press [Enter] to search.
The search results are displayed in the subscriber list.

4. Highlight the subscriber to display the Subscription Update Settings panel. Save is disabled until a change is made to the settings.By default, MNPN is selected and cannot be de-selected, as it is required information for all slave stores.

5. Make the relevant changes to the subscription settings for a slave store and click Save.

6. Click Force Subscribe to subscribe selected slave stores to head office publication.

Force Subscribe is disabled when you are already subscribed to the selected publications.

The status changes to Pending while Update Manager processes the request and changes to Subscribed once the process is complete.

You have now subscribed the slave store to head office publication.

Click here to learn how to unsubscribe slave store from head office publications.