A head office provides one publication, which transmits product information and changes, pricing and promotions to slave stores. Specific settings can be applied to customise the information you wish to publish to each slave store.

Refer to the image below for the following features.

A. Search for subscribers (stores) using the search box. Enter the name of the slave store in the search box, and press [Enter] to search for their publication settings.

B. The Subscriber column shows the name of the slave stores that are available to subscribe to the head office publication.

C. The Publication Type column shows the publication settings that are available for you to subscribe the store to.

D. The Status column shows the status of each publication. This status is also displayed in the Subscriber detail panel.

E. The Subscription Update Settings panel allows the head office operator to control the information send to each slave store via the publication.

F. The Force Subscribe and Force Unsubscribe buttons allow you to subscribe and unsubscribe a slave store to the head office publication. Refer to Subscribe a slave store to head office publications and Unsubscribe a slave store from head office publications.

G. Click Save to save any changes.

Do not unsubscribe a slave store from head office publications if you want to continue to send the product information to that store.

Subscription Update Settings Overview

The Subscription Update Settings are located on the Publications window and are grouped as follows:

  • General.
  • Categories.
  • Supplier Details.
  • Retail Pricing.
  • Drug Pricing.

 These settings are applicable for changes made to existing products. New products created at the Multi-Store head office will apply all the information, irrespective of the subscription settings.

General Group Box

 Applies to values in the slave store Stockcard


  • Minfos National Product Number.


  • Primary barcode.
  • Alternate Barcodes.

Cost Price

  • Cost Price (Unit Cost (Ex. GST)).


  • Discountable checkbox.

GST Flag

  • GST on Purchases checkbox.
  • GST on Sales checkbox.

Product Name

  • Product Name.


  • Settings on ‘Hiring’ tab for Hire products.

Restrict Product Add

  • Controls the availability of the Product Add and Copy buttons in Product Maintenance at the slave store.

Categories Group BoxApplies to the values in the category tab in the slave store stock cards 


When applied, the head office operator will be prompted to select either:

  • Partial Update – Only sends category changes after saving the settings.
  • Full Update – Send a full update that will replace the category information at the slave store with the head office category list, and the products assigned to them. Once a full update is completed this will automatically switch to a Partial Update thereafter.






AR Product Code



Supplier Details Group Box

Supplier details updated in Supplier Product Maintenance

Min Order Qty

Min Order Qty is only updated at a slave store when set to a value other than zero at the Multi-Store head office.

Order Multiple








Preferred Supplier Details

Retail Units


Min Shelf Hold

Max Shelf Hold

Other Details

  1. Includes Shelf Pack, Wholesaler List, location (supplier location).

Retail Pricing Group Box

Details updated

Single Pricing

Retail price in the head office product stock card is sent to the slave store.  This price can be reviewed and accepted by the slave store in Price Maintenance.

Tier Pricing


The head office sets the price via the tier category and pricing.  This automatically updates the retail price at the slave store.

This option also locks the Retail Price field in the stock card of the slave store.

Apply At

Allows a time to be configured to apply price changes at the slave store. This option is only available for when Tier Pricing is selected.



This option allows head office to publish new promotions and apply changes to existing head office promotions at slave stores.

Drug Pricing Group Box

Applies to Fixed Drug Pricing

Drug Fixed Price

This option allows head office to apply drug fixed pricing as set up in head office at a slave store.