Depending on your Loyalty configuration settings, Loyalty type can either be in the form of Loyalty Cash or Loyalty points (vouchers). This section is for Loyalty configured as Cash. The exact text on the button is defined in the Loyalty configuration settings. In this example, it has been named Loyalty Cash.

The Loyalty Cash button will be enabled only if the customer has Loyalty Cash available for redemption.

1. Ensure you have scanned the customer’s Loyalty card.

The customer’s available Loyalty balance is displayed at the top right-hand corner of the Till.

 2. Scan the products the customer is buying.

 3. When you are ready to accept payment, press the Loyalty Cash button.

The Cash Balance window is displayed.

 4. In the Redeemable Balance field, enter the amount of Loyalty Cash to redeem on the sale and press Enter. Alternatively, press Select All to use all of their available Loyalty balance.

Loyalty currency can only be used to purchase products that have not been excluded from loyalty. See Manage the Loyalty status on a range of products, for instructions on excluding products from loyalty.

5. If the sale is valid, the Change window is displayed.  Press Okay to finalise the sale.

The sales docket shows the following member details on a sales docket:

  • Loyalty Cash opening balance
  • Loyalty Cash redeemed
  • Loyalty Cash earned
  • Current Loyalty Cash balance

If Minfos cannot communicate with the Loyalty system:

  • The following Error prompt is displayed.

  • A message is printed on the sales docket in place of the customer’s Loyalty information, as shown in this example. Inform the customer that they need to contact the loyalty provider to claim their Loyalty Cash.