If the customer does not have their Loyalty card with them or was issued a Virtual card, follow the instructions in this article to look up the customer’s Loyalty membership details.

To look up a Loyalty member’s details:

1. From the Till, press Find Member.

The Find member window is displayed.

Note: The Member ID is the default search field*, this can be adjusted to Phone #, refer to Default Loyalty search option to find a member. *TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacies default to Phone #.

2. Ask the customer for as many of their relevant contact details as are available, enter any of these details in the relevant text boxes. You cannot search by only the customer’s Gender, Unit #, or Street #.

3. Press Enter to retrieve the Loyalty customer. 

The Customer Search Window is displayed, with the closest-matching customer highlighted.

Note: If too many Loyalty customers match your search, an error is displayed. Press OK to close the error and then refine your search.

4. Select the required customer and then press Enter.

The Till is displayed and shows the selected Loyalty customer details.

5. Process the sale as per your usual process.

Refer to Redeem Loyalty Cash as payment or Redeem Loyalty Points (vouchers) as payment to process a loyalty redemption transaction.