1. Ask the customer for their Loyalty card.

If the customer is:

  • A Loyalty member but does not have their Loyalty card; you can look up their Loyalty number
  • Not a Loyalty member and wants to join the Loyalty program, see Add Loyalty members

You can scan a customer’s Loyalty card at any point during a sale before taking payment; that is:

  • Before scanning the first product
  • Between scanning products
  • After scanning the last product, but before finalising the sale

2. Scan the customer’s Loyalty card, or enter the card number in the Product text box on the till and press Enter.

The customer’s Loyalty details are shown on the till. Shown below are details for a Loyalty Cash customer.

3. When in the main Till screen, Minfos will search for a local barcode match before searching for a loyalty member number.

If scanning the loyalty card returns a product, delete that product, press the Find Member key and scan or enter the card into the card number field. The search will bypass your Minfos product database and search for a loyalty member only.

Press Enter to select the customer.

4. Scan the products that the customer wants to purchase.

5. When you have finished adding products and discounts to the sale, apply the required loyalty redemption and press or click the required payment button to finalise the transaction.

Minfos communicates with the Loyalty system and updates the customer’s Loyalty balance.

6. The sales docket prints the customer’s up-to-date Loyalty information, as shown in this Loyalty Points example: