By default, non-dispensed and S3 recordable products are able to earn, and be bought with Loyalty currency.

Note Any dispensed items, with the exception of anything dispensed as an S3 recordable will be automatically excluded from loyalty.

To exclude products from Loyalty:

1. From Stock Manager, click the Product Maintenance icon.

2. Locate the product to exclude from Loyalty, then double-click the product to open the stock card.

3. Select the Extended tab.

4. To exclude the product from your loyalty program, check the Exclude from Loyalty check box.

For example, gift cards and products that are dispensed as S3 recordable are a common products you might want to exclude from Loyalty.

5. Click OK, to save your changes and close the Product Edit window.

6. Alternatively, click Cancel, to abandon your changes and close the Product Edit window.