The GST Audit Report lists GST information for purchases or sales for a selected monthly or quarterly period.

  1. From the Minfos Launch Pad, click the General Ledger icon.
  2. Click the Reports menu and select A. GST Audit Reports.

The GST Audit Report window is displayed.


  1. This defaults to the stores Business name and cannot be changed.
  2. Enter the last date of the period required to be reported on in the End Date.
  3. Click to select the required reporting Period:
    1. 1. Monthly
    2. 2. Quarterly
  4. Click the Type required to be reported on:
    1. 1. Supplies (Income)
    2. 2. Acquisitions (Expenses)  
  5. The Show Detail checkbox is selected by default and will display a detailed report with each supplier’s information is required. De-selecting this checkbox will display a summary report.  

The Supplies GST Audit Report is displayed.

Supplies GST Audit Report: Detailed


Supplies GST Audit Report: Summary

Acquisitions GST Audit Report: Detailed


Acquisitions GST Audit Report: Summary