It is now possible to log tickets for multiple pharmacies that you are affiliated with. This option is ideal for hardware technicians, head offices, pharmacy owners and staff that work across multiple pharmacies. 

Log Tickets for Multiple Pharmacies

1. If you are affiliated with multiple pharmacies, you will notice a drop-down arrow in the Company field when you are log a ticket.

2. Click on this drop-down arrow and select the pharmacy that you need to log the ticket for.

Note If the Store Name (Company) field is not visible, please specify the pharmacy affected in the Description field.

3. Log the ticket as normal, ensuring you provide the name and details of the person Minfos should contact about the ticket.

The ticket will now be visible to yourself, and the Primary Contact at the specified pharmacy.

View Tickets for Multiple Pharmacies

1. Click on Tickets and then View My Tickets.

2. In the Tickets List, use the Company filter to see only those belonging tickets to a specific pharmacy.

3. Interact with the ticket as normal.