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Account Overview

In the Minfos Help Centre each person who works in your pharmacy is able to have their own Minfos Help Centre Account. Each person is called a Contact. 

There are three types of contacts in the Minfos Help Centre: Primary Contacts, Other Contacts and Third Party Contacts.

Primary Contacts

In the Minfos Help Centre each pharmacy is known as a Company, and each Company has a Primary Contact linked to it. The Primary Contact is often the business owner or manager. 

The Primary Contact is set up by Minfos and an activation email sent to the email address provided to Minfos. The Primary Contact does not need to create their own account. 

The Primary Contact has full visibility of all tickets logged for the pharmacy.

Other Contacts

Other staff that work at a pharmacy can sign up for their own Minfos Help Centre account. This means they can log tickets for the pharmacy and view help guides and resources that may only be visible to registered users. 

Any email communications from the tickets they log will be sent to their nominated email addresses rather than the main store email address - no more fighting over the one email account!

To sign up for an account:

1. From the Minfos Help Centre homepage, click Sign In. Then click on the Create an account button.

The Create an account screen will display.

2. Enter your full name.

3. Enter your email address. This is where communications tickets you log will be sent. The email address must be unique to each account. i.e - 2 people cannot sign up with the same email address. 

4. Enter your Minfos ID  if you have one, otherwise leave blank.

5.  Click the reCAPTCHA box and complete the activity.

6. Click Create account.

7. An Activation Email will be sent to your nominated email address. Refer to Activate Your Minfos Help Centre Account to complete the sign up process and log in. 

These contacts will only have visibility of tickets they have logged themselves, not all of the tickets logged for the pharmacy. 

Allow other staff full access

The Primary Contact is able to request that other staff in the pharmacy also have visibility of all tickets logged. This is ideal for Managers, Pharmacist Managers or Supervisors.

To request this option be enabled, please contact Minfos Support or complete this form. 

Remove access

For security reasons, you will be prompted to change your Minfos Help Centre password every 150 days. You can also choose to update your password at anytime if you are concerned about the privacy of your account. 

When staff leave your pharmacy you can notify Minfos to have their account disabled.

Third Party Contacts

Like your pharmacy staff. third parties such as Hardware Technicians, Multi-Store or Banner Group Support Staff or Accountants may also sign up for an account and log tickets on behalf of your store.

The third party contact may only see the tickets that they have logged themselves, not all tickets logged by your store. Where third parties interact with more than one store using Minfos, they are able to log tickets for the various stores without needing multiple accounts.

If a third party does not already have a Minfos Help Centre account, they can follow the sign up process described above.