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View your tickets

You can view your logged tickets when you are logged in to the Minfos Help Centre.

1. Click on Tickets at the top of the page and select View my tickets from the dropdown menu.
2. Click View Tickets

A list of the tickets you have logged will display.

3. Click the drop-down arrow on the left to by All, Open or Pending or Resolved or Closed tickets.
4. You can also sort tickets by Date Created, Last Modified or Status.
5. If you are the Primary Contact for your Company you will see all tickets logged for your pharmacy, and can also filter to view tickets logged by a specific contact.
6. Click on the ticket you wish to view in the Ticket List.

The Ticket will display.

7. The following features of the Ticket are highlighted on the image above.

a. The Status of the ticket 

b. The Ticket Number and Subject

c. Name of the person who logged the ticket

d. Ticket Description information provided

e or f. Click here to Reply to Minfos

g. Close the ticket (if ticket no longer required)

h. Add a third party to any ticket response sent

i. The name of the person Minfos should contact about the ticket

j. Click Update to save any changes

Communicate with Minfos 

After you have logged your ticket, Minfos may respond in the ticket to ask for further information or provide guidance. When Minfos responds you will receive an email notifying you of the update made to your ticket.

You can also view the communication in the ticket.

If you are already on the ticket page of the Minfos Help Centre, you may need to press F5 to refresh your browser, and see the latest response from Minfos. 

To respond to Minfos:

1. Click into the text box under your name. 

In this field you can:

a. Type your message

b. Insert an image

c. Attach a file from your computer

2. Click Reply to send your message.