Note: Patients are automatically set up to use an HMC when they are linked to a hospital that has been set up as HMC compliant in Minfos, refer to Set up Hospital for more information

1. From the Dispense Form, select the required patient that is assigned to a HMC compliant hospital.

2. In the Rx Date field enter the chart commencement date in DD/MM/YYYY format. This date is the start date of the first medication that is listed on the HMC.3. Enter the drug to be dispensed and press [Tab].

The Possible Matches Found window is displayed, the  icon identifies the drugs that can be dispensed from a HMC

  • If you select an item that is ineligible to be dispensed from an HMC the following Warning is displayed. This warning can be dismissed and dispensing process can be completed

4. Highlight the required drug, in this example, Amoxil Cap 500mg and click Okay.

The Hospital Medication Chart (HMC) Supply window is displayed.5. Check the Compliant Hospital Medication Chart 9 (HMC) checkbox to specify that the supply is being dispensed from a compliant HMC.

6. Select the required Patient Category - Inpatient, Discharge or Outpatient can be assigned. 

7. Select the HMC duration from the HMC Valid For options - duration's of 1, 4 or 12 months can be assigned.

8. Click Ok.

The Dispense Form and the selected drug are now displayed. The icon signifies that this drug is being dispensed from an HMC.

 9. Continue dispensing as per your regular process.

Claiming for HMC dispensed medicine

Minfos allows you to claim eligible supply from a HMC electronically as per your regular dispense process.

For Medicare audit purposes, pharmacies are required to keep a copy of the HMC for a minimum of two years (or according to the relevant state or territory regulations) following the supply.