In order to dispense from a HMC, the prescribing hospital needs to be configured as HMC compliant within Minfos.

From Dispense Pro:

1. Click the Maintenance menu and select 5. Hospitals. 

 The Hospital Maintenance window is displayed.

2. Click Add to add a new hospital.

3. Highlight the required hospital and click Change to edit a hospitals details.

The Hospital Editing Entry or Hospital Editing window is displayed.

4. Code: Enter or update the code for the Hospital.

5. Hospital Type: Click the drop down and select either Public or Private.

6. Name: Enter a name for the Hospital.

7. Provider No. Enter a valid DHS hospital provider number.

8. Compliant HMC checkbox: 

a. Check this to specify that the hospital uses PBS/PPBS compliant HMCs. 

You have now configured the selected hospital as being HMC compliant. For more information, see PBS Hospital Medication Chart on the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care website. 
All patients assigned to the selected hospital can now have items dispensed from a HMC. 
New patients are automatically set up to use HMC dispensing when they are linked to a hospital that has been configured for dispensing from a compliant HMC.

9. Address, Phone & Fax No: Enter these details if required.

10. Mobile: Enter a valid mobile number, if required.

11. Email: Enter a valid Email address and press [Tab], the email address is validated.

a. If an invalid email address has been entered, the Email address format prompt is displayed.

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b. Click OK to close the prompt and re-enter a valid email in the Email field.

12. Club: When adding a Hospital, Minfos will automatically add a Club, [Tab] over this field, leaving it blank. Once the Hospital has been saved, the club is automatically created, and the Club number is updated in this entry. This allows for Minfos Club reporting, but the patients accrue no club benefits.

13. Auto Invoice: During the End of Day process, scripts waiting at the Till for patients assigned to this carer will be automatically charged to the patient’s account, if they have one. Minfos will adjust the SOH accordingly as part of the EOD process. Refer to Auto Invoice for Hospital patients for more information.

14. Auto Label: Leave this unchecked if you do not have special labels enabled.

15. Last Repeat: Check this checkbox to automatically print a Last Repeat Reminder report for patients allocated to this carer.

16. Use Address:

a. Leave Use Address unchecked to print the patient address on printed paper repeats.

b. Check Use Address to print the Hospital name on printed paper repeats.

17. Co-Payment:

a. To exclude all patients allocated to this carer from receiving the co-payment discount, check the checkbox.

b. Leave un-checked to set this at a patient level.

18. If the Third Party Packing Provider is visible, leave this set to None. This is used for packing, refer to Set up Nursing Home.

19. Click Okay to save and close the Hospital Entry/Editing window, if a mobile number has been entered, it will be validated.

a. If an invalid mobile number has been entered, the Mobile phone number is invalid prompt is displayed.

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b. Click OK to close the prompt, the Mobile field is highlighted by default. Enter a correct mobile number, click Okay to save and close the Hospital Entry/Editing window.