The January 2023 dispense update is now available. 

Changes in the dispense update

To view changes in the latest dispense update, please refer to the PBS Summary of Changes information available on the PBS website. 

Government fee changes for January 2023

On 1 January 2023, the following changes to PBS fees will apply:

General patient$30.00
General patient upper Increased Discounting Range threshold$45.60
Concessional patient$7.30
Safety Net thresholds
General Patient$1563.50
Concessional patient$262.80
Dispensing fees
Allowable extra fee*

You can set these fees to always be at the maximum value by checking the corresponding Use max. allowed govt fee checkbox in Dispense Options. This means each time the Government adjust their fees, Minfos will automatically adjust the value accordingly.
 However, if you have manually set the fee to a different value:

  • If the Government maximum fee is increased, then the field in Minfos will not be changed and remain as the value you have set

If the Government maximum fee is decreased, then the field will automatically adjust to the maximum allowable fee

Your Minfos software automatically collects the updates and imports them at the correct time.

Note: If your dispense update has not imported on the 1st of the month, please refer to these instructions to manually import your dispense updates.