The August 2022 dispense update is now available. 

Changes in the dispense update

To view changes in the latest dispense update, please refer to the PBS Summary of Changes information available on the PBS website. 

Hydromorphone Liquid 473ml pack size changes

PBS has changed the way the quantity of Hydromorphone Liquid 473ml is measured for the following PBS codes:

  • 12559B
  • 12565H
  • 12582F

From 1 August 2022, PBS prescriptions for Hydromorphone Liquid 473ml should be dispensed by the millilitres supplied. 

To accommodate this change, it is necessary to have 2 stock cards for each PBS listed Hydromorphone Liquid 473ml in your database for a transition period. The original stockcard with Items in Pack of 1 and a new stock card with Items in Pack of 473ml.

Where a prescription dispensed prior to 1 August 2022 is required to be edited, the dispensing will still use the original product and the quantity of 1 (whole bottle) should be dispensed.

After 1 August both new and repeat prescriptions should be dispensed under the new stock card i.e. dispensed by millilitre.

If Hydromorphone Liquid 473ml is dispensed in your pharmacy, it is recommended that you move your stock on hand, preferred supplier and PDE to the new stock card to avoid stock on hand and ordering issues.

The products affected by this change are:


Government fee changes for August 2022

On 1 August 2022, the following changes to PBS fees will apply:

Dispensing fees
Water Fee$0.88
Container Fee 150ml$1.02
Container Fee 25ml$0.39

Your Minfos software automatically collects the updates and imports them at the correct time.

Note: If your dispense update has not imported on the 1st of the month, please refer to these instructions to manually import your dispense updates.