Before Centralised Customer Accounts can be enabled:

  • Any outstanding laybys must be finalised
  • Stores must have Multi-store enabled (this can be enabled concurrently with Centralised Customer Accounts if necessary)

Request Centralised Customer Accounts for your Multi-store Group

Contact Minfos to enable Centralised Customer Accounts for your group. Email [email protected] or call the Support Hotline on 1300 887 418.

Minfos Support will configure your system to enable Centralised Customer Accounts.

During the set up process, existing local accounts are converted to Centralised Customer Accounts. Centralised Customer Accounts replace the existing local account functionality in Minfos.

Process for Stores

  • We recommend that you print the Debtors and Aging report prior to migration
  • Once the migration has been completed by Minfos Support, use the report to conduct spot checks to ensure all data has been migrated as expected. Checks could include verifying the number of accounts created and ensuring their balances are correct
  • If there are issues with the migration data, contact Minfos Support before proceeding with Centralised Customer Accounts

Process for Head Offices

Once Minfos Support has enabled Centralised Customer Accounts, and the migration has taken place Head Offices must subscribe to each stores’ Centralised Customer Accounts publication to access the shared data.

User-check: Do NOT subscribe to a pharmacy's Centralised Customer Accounts if the migration process has NOT been completed.

From Update Manager:

1. Click the Subscriptions tab.

2. Highlight the row with Central Customer Accounts in the Publication Type column, and click Subscribe.A screenshot of a computer

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The following Warning prompt is displayed.A screenshot of a computer

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  • If the CCA migration has taken place, click Confirm and the Head Office will be subscribed 
  • If the CCA migration has not yet taken place or if you are unsure of the migration status, click Cancel and do not subscribe to that pharmacy’s CCA publications until the migration has been completed 

3. Repeat step 2 for each pharmacy, after the migration has been completed.

4. When the subscription process is complete, the status for each publication will change from Pending to Subscribed.
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See Set Centralised Customer Account permissions for stores and users for next steps configuring Centralised Customer Accounts.

Note: If you have Centralised Customer Accounts enabled and wish to disable it, please contact Minfos Support to roll it back before transactions occur.