Ensure you have a valid NASH Certificate

1. You may have recently requested a NASH Certificate to update your HI and My Health Record Services. If you have, you can use this same information to update eRx. 

To access it:

  1. Access the HI Service Certificates tab in Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) via your PRODA account. or
  2. It may already be located in H:\MYHR2022.

If your NASH certificate is valid and not expiring soon continue to Install the new certificate in Minfos.

If your NASH certificate is not valid or expiring in March 2022 then request a NASH SHA-2 Certificate. Refer to Requesting a NASH SHA-2 certificate for guidance.

Install the new Certificate in Minfos

After requesting/locating the NASH SHA-2 Certificate, install the new certificate.
This certificate comes as a single file - site.p12

Pre-requisites (if the NASH cert is not located in H:\MYHR2022)

  1. Create a folder in H: Drive called eRxUpdate2022
  2. Save the NASH PKI certificate to H:\eRxUpdate2022
  3. Rename the certificate to fac_sign.p12
  4. Ensure you have the PIC passphrase available.  It is recommended to save this as a text file in H:\eRxUpdate2022\pic.txt

 To install the certificate:

Ensure you are running Minfos version 7.0.2 or higher. Update your software if you are not running Minfos version 7.0.2 or higher. 

1. Navigate to C:\Minfos01\Certificates\eRxUpdate2022\ on the machine where eRx is installed. Most of the time, this is also the machine running PBS Online. 

2. Right click on eRx configuration and select 'Run as administrator'.

A screen similar to the below is displayed.

3. In the Step 1 panel leave option selected as Pharmacy. 

4. In the Step 2 panel select Install certificate from file.

The Certificate Import window is displayed.

5. Browse to the folder where fac_sign.p12 is located (i.e. H:\eRxUpdate2022 or H:\MYHR2022) and select the file.  

6. Enter the PIC passphrase in the Password section.

7. Select Import.

The NASH Certificate is imported and listed in the Step 3 panel.   

8. Below the Step 4 panel, tick Update certificate on eRx Gateway then select Next.

  1. If update is successful, it will appear as below.  


b. If this screen does not display as successful then attempt the process again. If still unsuccessful contact Minfos Support.


Test the Installation

To test the update:

1. Dispense an eRx ePrescription to a patient. Refer to Dispense an eScript.