Published 3 February 2022

This process is recommended by Minfos to handle Rapid Antigen Tests that are supplied free of charge to eligible customers. Your store may choose to handle these products differently.



  1. Ensure that the Rapid Antigen Tests have been invoiced in at the correct Cost Price.
  2. Compile a list of the government rebate amount (excluding AHI Fee) that your store will receive for each type of RAT you have available. Minfos cannot provide these figures for you.


How to

1. Create a stock card with the Product Type set to 7. Services. 

  1. Enter RAT AHI FEE or similar in the Name field. 
  2. Enter the AHI Fee amount in the Retail Price field.
  3. Ensure the stock card is set as GST Free.

Refer to Add a Service product for further guidance on this step. 

2. Create an account called RAT, Free Covid Rapid Tests or similar. Refer to Add New Customer Account for guidance.

3. Ensure the Account Limit is quite high - all tests supplied free to customers will be charged to this account. 

4. When an eligible customer requests a RAT, enter the required information on the ProjectCOVID website according to government guidelines.

5. At the till, scan the Rapid Test product.

6. Select the Disc $ button.

7. In the Discounted Total field enter the government rebate amount (excluding AHI Fee) for the applicable product (See prerequisites), then press [Enter].
8. Repeat steps 5 - 7  if multiple products are being supplied.

9. Enter the name of the RAT AHI Fee service stock card (e.g. RAT AHI FEE) previously created in the Product field and press [Enter].

10. Enter the quantity to be changed then press [Enter].

You will only receive one AHI fee per customer transaction. If multiple RAT products are supplied to the customer in one transaction (e.g. the customer is supplied 2 boxes of single tests) you will only receive one AHI fee for the transaction. Refer to the ProjectCOVID website for further information.

11. Enter the $ value if required and press [Enter].
12. Click Select Account and search for the account you have previously created. 

13. Select the account and finalise the transaction. 

14. When the government reimbursement is received, make a payment or adjustment against the account. 

If your pharmacy is processing a high volume of Rapid Antigen Tests supplied free of charge, you may wish to create a hotkey for the RAT AHI Fee service stock card to improve efficiency at the Till. Refer to Create Hotkey buttons at the Till for guidance