From the Customers Module:

1. Navigate to the Reports menu, then 2. Statements and select 4. Re-Print Statements by Club.

The Re-Print Customer Statements window is displayed. 

2. To re-print statements for all clubs, leave the Club range as the default. For individual clubs, enter the name of the Club you wish to print.

3. Enter the Statement Date.

4. The Print Ageing Information and Opening Balances field is checked by default. If you do not want this information printed on the statements uncheck the checkbox. 

5. The Exclude Laybys field is checked by default.

6. Check Include Zero Balance Accounts to include accounts with a zero balance in the statement run.

7. Select Third Party from the Run Type drop-down menu.

8. Click Okay to run the statements.

The statements are displayed.

9. Use the Print icon to print the statements.