Third Party Maintenance allows pharmacies to create and edit third party groups such as the Traffic

Accident Commission (T.A.C) and Workers Compensation (W.C.). Customers under the care of these groups may then be linked to the third party to enable relevant prescriptions and items to be charged to the third party.

Transactions for customers that have both a personal account and a third party account are shown under one account until the end of the month. During the end of month process the transactions are split into two separate accounts. It is important that due care is taken to ensure items are charged to the correct account. 

Access Third Party Maintenance

Third Party Maintenance can be accessed from either the Dispense Pro module or directly from the Minfos Dispense Form.

From Dispense Pro module:

1. Navigate to the Maintenance menu.

2. Select 7. Third Party.

Alternatively, from the Minfos Dispense Form:

1. Select Extended.

2. Select 7. Third Party Maintenance from the Extended Dispense Options window.

Third Party Maintenance window

1AddAdd a third party
2ChangeEdit details of a third party
3DeleteDelete third party
4PrintGenerate a list of third parties
5TestCheck for duplicated third parties
6SortChange sort order of listed third parties
7FindSearch for a third party
8Next/PrevMove to next/previous page
9CancelExit Third Party Maintenance window

Process to set up Third Party Account Customer

1. Add the Third Party to your Minfos. Refer to Add a Third Party.

2. Ensure the customer exists in your database. Refer to Add a new customer in Customer Maintenance or Add a New Customer in Dispense.

3. Ensure the customer has an account. Refer to Add a new customer account.

4. Link the customer to the third party. Refer to Link a Customer to a Third Party.