Published 6 September 2021

Minfos version 6.4.2 includes enhanced printing options for the eQueue. Stores moving towards paperless processes can choose to not print a docket at all, or print only the customer or pharmacy copy. You still have the option to print both paper dockets.

You are now able to configure what prints when a basket is saved to the eQueue.

The options available are:

  1. Always print (default) - Both customer and pharmacy copy of the eQueue docket will print
  2. Don’t print - Neither copy of the eQueue docket will print when scripts are queued for a customer
  3. Only print pharmacy copy - Only the internal (Pharmacy copy) of the docket will print. Note this is the copy that prints the eScript tokens as well as any customer notes
  4. Only print customer copy - Only the customer copy of the docket will print

The eQueue docket printing settings can be changed on the General tab of the Shop Configuration screen. For further information, see Configure eQueue docket printing settings.