The July 2021 dispense update is now available. 

Changes in the dispense update

To view changes in the latest dispense update, please refer to the PBS Summary of Changes information available on the PBS website. 

Government fee changes for July 2021

On 1 July 2021, the following changes to PBS fees will apply:

Dispensing Fees
Ready Prep$7.78
AHI Markup 1$4.30
AHI Markup 2$4.30
AHI Markup 3$99.30
Safety Net Recording Fees (Additional Fees)
Ready Prep$1.30
Chemo Fees

Your Minfos software automatically collects the updates and imports them at the correct time.

Note: If your dispense update has not imported on the 1st of the month, please refer to these instructions to manually import your dispense updates.

Changes to Closing the Gap (CTG) PBS Co-payment Program

From 1 July 2021, there are changes to the Closing the Gap (CTG) PBS Co-payment Program.

PBS prescribers will no longer be legally required to write or electronically print ‘CTG’ on eligible PBS prescriptions for registered Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Instead, when a claim is made PBS Online will verify the CTG status of the patient in real-time.

New PBS Online reason codes have been added to support the enhancement to the Closing the Gap (CTG) PBS Co-payment Program.

Please click here to learn more about these changes.