Shortly, Sigma will be making changes to their PDE format for all products.

If you purchase through Sigma please ensure you update to Minfos 6.3.1 as it contains updates to support this switchover. There are no changes in Minfos to how you collect and apply Sigma Wholesaler updates.

When Sigma release their updated PDEs, and your pharmacy is running Minfos version 6.3.1 or later, Minfos will import the new PDEs and update products as expected.

To ensure you have no issues with collecting invoices once Sigma roll out the PDE changes we recommend you set up the Sigma Wholesaler Update to be automatic. Refer to Automatic Wholesaler updates to set up the update to run automatically.

Note    After the Sigma PDEs have been updated to the new format you may need to print out new shelf labels for your pharmacy. We will send out a notification when the new PDEs are available to collect in the Sigma Wholesaler Update.