Published 3 March 2021

The Minfos Help Centre is constantly being updated with new and improved materials. In fact, we have added over 40 new articles to the Minfos Help Centre since 1 December 2020! 

We are always aiming to improve, and love to know what you found helpful, and what didn't quite hit the mark. At the end of each article you have the opportunity to provide feedback about the page you have just read.

If you did not find the article helpful, please specify the reason why. Your feedback will be reviewed and improvements will be made where required. As a result of your feedback, a number of articles have been updated or added to the Minfos Help Centre since the launch in 2020.

 We understand that not all issues can be solved by a solution article – sometimes assistance from Minfos is necessary. We have recently updated the feedback section so that you can easily submit a ticket for assistance by following the Submit a ticket hyperlink provided.

We thank you for providing article feedback in the Minfos Help Centre and look forward to receiving more of your feedback in the future.