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To assist you in making the most from your Minfos software, the Minfos Help Centre is home to a large number of solution articles. These solution articles have been designed to help you learn more about the many features of Minfos and troubleshoot issues that may occur. 

To learn how to search for solution articles refer to Search for Information in the Minfos Help Centre.

Please refer to the image below for an explanation of each feature.

a. Article path

Use the article path to navigate to the category and folder the article belongs to.  For example, if you click on Ordering, all articles within the Ordering folder will be shown.

b. Article title

c. Article content

The article may also contain:

  • images
  • videos
  • gifs
  • hyperlinks

d. Print

Click the icon to print a copy of the article. Alternatively you may wish to bookmark the page in your web browser. e. Related articles

These articles may also be relevant to your search. Click on an article to view, and use the back button in your browser to return to the original article. 

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