Minfos Quick Dispense allows you to queue scripts directly from Packing so they can easily be dispensed in the Dispense form.

  • Scripts can be queued from the Minfos Packing Virtual Pill Box, by viewing Insufficient stock. Refer to the Insufficient Stock for more information.
  • Scripts can be queued into Minfos Quick Dispense from Third Party Packing programmes, where the packing provider and Minfos have API (application programming interface) integration. Please contact your Packing Software Provider for further information regarding integration with Minfos Quick Dispense.

Minfos Quick Dispense also allows you to print a Claim Form for PBS claiming, if configured. This Claim Form replaces the need for you to manually sticker the Repeat Authorisation Form with the dispense serial number, as the details are printed directly on the Repeat Authorisation Form that is used for claiming.

Set up Quick Dispense

Minfos Support must configure Minfos Quick Dispense and Claim Forms, before you can use it. Once Minfos Quick Dispense has been configured, the Queued Scripts icon will be displayed on the Minfos Dispense form:

Patients must be assigned to a Nursing Home in Minfos, where the Third Party Packing Provider has been set up to have the Z. Pill Box option available. Refer to Set up Nursing Homes for Packing and Assign a Patient to a Packing Nursing Home for more information.