Similar to the window we use to add and edit shelf labels, a new Dispense Label Editor has been added to Dispense allowing you to customise your Dispense templates.

Currently this is only applicable to the Totals Label but we will continue to move other templates across to this option allowing you to have more control across the optional details you want to add to your templates.

To display the Dispense Label Editor:

1. Navigate to Dispense Pro.

2. From the Maintenance menu, select Z. Dispense Templates.

3. Depending on the format of your dispense labels, you will need to choose one of the label formats from the list and set it to Active. This is the format in which your labels will be printed.


  • Only one Totals Label can be active at a time - indicated by the icon next to your selection. The Totals Label (Fred) label is set to Active by default.
  • If are unsure which label format to use, refer to Supported Dispense Label Formats at the end of this article for examples.
  • To make active one of the other label options in the list, highlight it and click the Active button. The  icon is now displayed next to this label, marking it as the current default.


Customise your own label

Before you customise your label, you must first make a copy of the Minfos label.

1. Highlight the correct Totals Label in the Dispense Template Editor window.

2. Click the Save a Copy button.

3. Give your custom label a memorable name, e.g. ‘Custom Totals Label’.

4. Select Save a Copy.

Your new template is now saved in the Dispense Template Editor window.

5. Highlight your new Totals Label and select Edit.

The Label Editor is displayed.

6. To make a change to one of the attributes, e.g. to increase the font for the Scripts on File Indicator, double click the SOF field on the template.

The Paragraph Properties window is displayed.

7. Double click the Aa button that displays to the right of the font details when the font field is selected.
The Font window is displayed. 

8. Here you can make changes to the SOF text. E.g. increasing the size to 18 and changing the font to Arial.  

Note: Changing the Font and increasing the text may increase the space occupied by the “SOF” text. This may affect other attributes on the label.

9. Select OK to save from the Font window and then again from the Paragraph Properties window.

As a result, the size of the SOF text is increased on the template – note that, in this example, this is cut-off as the field is not large enough to accommodate.

10. To increase the size of the SOF field, highlight the field and drag the anchor points around the field to increase the size.

11. To remove any of the fields above from your custom template, simply highlight the field, right click and select Delete or highlight and press [Delete].

12. To save your changes, select Save from the File menu.

13. To exit the Dispense Label Editor window, click the 'X' in the right hand corner of the screen.

Make your Custom Label your default Totals label 

Only one Totals Label can be active at any one time - this is depicted by the icon in the Dispense Label Editor window. Minfos default labels are active by default.

To make your custom label the default when printing the Totals label:

1. Highlight your custom label from the list.

2. Select the Set Active button or use the shortcut [Alt+A]. The icon will now be displayed next your custom label, marking it as the current default.

Other options in the Dispense Label Editor are:

  • Rename - Allows renaming of any custom labels you have created.
  • Import - Import Totals Labels created by another store - useful if you want to use the same format across a group.
  • Export - Export your custom Totals Label to allow other stores to import.

Print the Totals Label for the first time

1. After dispensing a prescription to a customer - select T. Totals Label from the Script Options window.

2. When the Print Options window opens, select Change > Printer Setup.

3. Select your Dispense Label Printer from the dropdown.

4. From the Paper groupbox, select the 'Stock' we added in previous steps.

5. Select OK to save

6. Select Start to print the label.

Note: If your labels are printing upside-down, then do the following:

a. Select T. Totals Label.

b. When the Print Options window displays select Change.

c. In the Printer Setup window, select Properties and deselect the setting similar to "Invert 180 degrees".

7. Select OK, and OK again.

8. In the Print Options window, select the Save options permanently checkbox.

9. Select the Start button to print the label.


Supported Dispense Label Formats