The Totals Label option contains a unique barcode that sales clerks can scan at the Till, efficiently recalling all scripts dispensed for that customer on that day.

The dispense team can check and pack items into a bag after dispensing and seal with the Totals label attached. The sales clerk can then scan the barcode on the Totals Label into the Till and reconcile the sales basket to the number of items listed on the Totals Label, supporting a more effective confidentiality chain throughout the sales process.

The enhanced Totals Label also contains other valuable information, including the number of scripts, the total value of those scripts, the date and the Scripts on File Indicator. The Totals Label is customisable. You can easily copy the default Minfos label to create your own or make custom changes to the existing one.

Using the Totals Label with the customer barcode is optional, and is controlled by a configuration setting. To continue using the existing label without the barcode there is no action required.

Prior to enabling this feature

1. Ensure you have the latest driver installed for your thermal printer - your hardware technician can assist you with this.

2.Add the correct stock to the label printer to support the Totals Label.

a. Navigate to the Control Panel.

b. Select Devices and Printers.

c. Right click on Labels Printer and select Printer Properties.

d. Click on the Stocks tab and select New.

e. Add the following values: (Note: The values below are in Metric units. If your machine is set to the Imperial system, you will need to convert).






50 mm/sec

Label Width

105.00 mm

Label Height

67.00 mm

Unprintable Area

Note: These are standard values and may be adjusted.

Left:  2.00 mm      Top:     0.00 mm


Right:  2.00 mm    Bottom:     0.00 mm

f. Select OK to save.

g. Select Apply on labels Properties.

h. Select OK to save. 

Enable the new Totals Label

From Dispense Pro:

1. Click the Maintenance menu and select D. Configuration.

2. Select the Printing/Pricing tab.

3. Select Custom from the Totals Template dropdown.

4. Select OK to save.

Refer to Create & customise your Totals Label to set up your Totals Label.