Drill downs can easily be created by adding multiple fields to the labels portion of the report designer. During a drill down, the fields on the left are partitioned (drilled down into) displaying the fields you place to the right.

Clicking a report element will then re-calculate the displayed information according to your field order.

 1. Open a report in Design mode and then enter Configuration mode for the report part to which you wish to add drill down capability.

In this example, we would like to display sales for Calendar Year, then be able to drill down and display sales for the Calendar Year Month and then the Week of Year.

 2. Click the plus icon next to the Labels (X-axis) box and from the Field Selection list choose Calendar Year Month.

3. Repeat the above step and choose Week of Year.

4. The Labels (X-axis) box is now populated with our three labels. Save the changes.

5. Open the report.

6. Click the 2017 Calendar Year bar.

7. The sales for the Calendar Year Month are displayedClick one of the month bars.

 8. The Week of Year that those sales were achieved is then displayed.