You can choose to have a report or an alert delivered to you as per a prescribed schedule. This is called Subscribing.

1. From either the report Expanded view or the report Viewer, click on the Subscribe button.

The Schedule tab of the Add Subscription window is displayed.

a. Instance Name: Enter a Subscription name.

b. Subscription Type: Select whether the Subscription is a report or an alert of a prescribed condition.

c. Select the date, time and frequency of the Subscription.

2. Select the Delivery tab.

For Email Subscriptions:

d. Delivery Type: Choose either an email or file location.

e. Delivery Method: Attachment or embedded HTML.

f. Export Attachment Type:  Choose from CSV, Excel or PDF.

g. Add an email Subject and email Body. Various variables can be used.

For File Subscriptions:

h. Export File Type:  Choose from CSV, Excel or PDF.

i. Filter Value Selection:  Modify filter selection if required.