Reports are designed with pre-set filter categories that are suitable for the type of report selected.

1. For each filter dropdown list, select the desired filters.

For example, in the Category Sales Summary Report, filters can be chosen from four categories:

  • Period Type
  • Store Name
  • Period Date
  • Department Name

 For most filters, multiple selections are possible.

2. Some filters are mandatory and are denoted by an asterisk next the filter category name. A warning message will display if mandatory filters are not selected.

3. After the mandatory filters are selected, the report will display. If additional optional filters are selected, click the Update Result button to refresh the report display.

4. You can select a value in the Preview Records dropdown list to minimise the number of records returned when trying different parameters or modifying reports. This can help speed up report generation for complex reports.

5. Once the filter selections are made, the basic report as well as other related data visualisations (report parts) will be generated.