Reports can be accessed in two ways:

  • Expanded to show report basic information, e.g. report owner, created data etc.
  • Opened to view the report content

Expand a report

You can expand a report to quickly preview information about the report.

1. To expand a report in the Report List, click the corresponding icon on the right side of the list. To minimise a report, click on the  icon.

 The expanded view is displayed.

 The following information about the report is displayed:



Report Owner

The system administrator will usually own the report.

Created By

The person who created the report.

Last Edited By

The person who last edited the report.

Number of Views

The number of times the report has been viewed.

Average Rendering Time

The time taken by Minfos Online Reporting to display the report. This value can be useful during report design to optimise report display performance.


The version number of the report

Created Date

The date that the report was created.

Last Edited Date

The date that the report was last edited.

Last Viewed

The date that the report was last viewed.

2. The expanded view also displays the following buttons for modifying and sharing the report.




The report will open in View mode, and prompt for required filters.


There are two levels of editing. From the dropdown list select an option:

  • Quick Edit - Allows for quick customisation of the report.  
  • Design - The report will open in Full Edit mode, allowing changes to the data sources and deep customisations of the report.


Allows the user to copy a report to a new name and/or a new category and sub-category, leaving the original report intact.


Choose to Export the report in CSV, MS-Excel, and PDF formats.


Can be used to send an attachment or embedded HTML link to the report to others. 


You can setup one or more Subscriptions or Alerts to a report


Open a report

The Report Viewer page allows the user to: 

  • View the report in the browser
  • Change filters to refine the displayed information
  • Use Quick Edit mode to configure report part properties
  • Set up Subscriptions
  • Export reports
  • Email the report as an attachment or embedded HTML
  • Copy and Move reports between categories
  • View the report History

1. To open a report, either click the Open button in the expanded view


Click on the report Name.

2. To close a report and return to the report list, click on the Reports tab.