Minfos Online Reporting provides access to key sales and stock reports across your group.

Key features of this platform include:

  • A pre-configured suite of the most useful reports related to Promotions, Sales and Stock Control
  • A vast array of report filters to extract any type of information from your data
  • Flexible options allow customisation of reports for your needs. Add or remove report fields and set up drill downs
  • Reports can be auto-scheduled, and exported or emailed, ensuring stakeholders are always informed.   Data such as Product definitions, Purchases, Sales, Stock Adjustments, and Transfer details are loaded into Minfos Online Reporting daily
  • Notifications can be configured to alert you of key conditions
  • Set up dashboards to display key performance indicators pertaining to specific aspects of your business or for each store of a group


Minfos Online Reporting consists of two main sections:



This section is currently in development. More information to come. 

Watch a brief overview of the Minfos Online Reporting platform.