After you have Set up email statements and Set up customers to receive email statements you can use the Email Statements function to send email statements. This is similar to the Re-Print Statements function, and the statements are available after the end of the month.

To send account customers emails with their statements:

From Customer Management:

1. Click the Reports menu, select 2. Statements and then click 6. Email Statements.

The Email Customer Statements window is displayed.

A.   From Customer - displays the first account customer in the database.

B.  To Customer - displays the last account customer in the database.

C.   Statement Date - displays the date the customer statements were last run.

D.   Print Ageing Information - Check to include: current, 30, 60, 90 balance information and include the outstanding balance from last month’s account on the statement.

E.   Exclude Laybys – Check to include any layby balances or leave un-checked to print only account balances.

F.   Show Names - check if you require individual patient names to be printed against dispensary transactions, where more than 1 person’s scripts are going onto the same account.

G.    Include Zero Balance Accounts - Check to include accounts with zero balances or leave un-checked to print only those accounts with a balance.

H.   Run Type - select the type of statements that you require:

  • All to include any customer account with a balance other than Zero, or select from the drop down field to narrow the report to:
  • General Sales – to generate a report on all account customers not in a nursing home, hospital or third party care facility.
  • Nursing Home – to generate a report on all account customers in a nursing home care facility.
    Hospital – to generate a report on all account customers in a hospital care facility.
  • Third Party – to generate a report on all account customers in a third party care facility

All account customers are ranged, but only account customers with email statements set up are included in the statement preview

2. Click Okay to generate the account statements for the selected customers.

The Processing window is displayed.

The statements for the selected account customers that have email statements set up are displayed, over separate pages, with an “Email Statement” watermark on each.

3. Review the account customer statements, to ensure the transaction and customer details are correct.

4. Click the Email button to email all the statements to the account customers shown on each page.

If the Open File - Security Warning prompt is displayed, click Run.

5. The Email Statement Send Result Report is displayed and shows the success or failure of the emails.

If this contains a Failure Result, your pharmacy will be sent an automated notification to the email account provided in your email statements set up.